Minister Message

Message from Bro. Bhumananda

July 17, 2020

Dear Devotees and Friends of Glendale Temple:

convo2-crop-Bro-Bhumananda.jpgWe want to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude for your generous support, which has helped us to cover the Temple’s expenses during this period when we are not able to hold in-person services. We also are happy to let you know that through the gift of a large-hearted Temple member we are now taking steps to upgrade the Temple facilities—including the installation of hands-free faucets, liquid soap-dispensers, and paper towel dispensers; and portable hand-sanitizer units—to provide a safer environment when we are able to resume our weekly services.

Your continued help is very much appreciated in meeting our ongoing expenses. Although the Temple is temporarily closed, our minimum operating expenses come to several thousand dollars per month for cleaning, garden and grounds care, and utilities. In addition, there are always unforeseen work/repairs that come up. For example, a few weeks ago a major limb of one of the Temple  trees broke, and the resulting cost for limb removal and pruning was $1700. We also had to replace two faulty irrigation valves at an expense of $1200.  

For those of you who may have missed our previous letter,  an account has been added to our website that allows you to donate specifically towards the Temple’s ongoing operating expenses.  This account, called the Glendale Temple “General Operating Fund,” is used to cover the on-going necessary costs - such as utilities, cleaning and supplies, gardening, maintenance, and other general Temple expenses.  
The “Temple Building Fund” with which many of you are familiar and that has been in place for many years, will continue to exist and be used for larger expenses and specific projects, such as new construction and major improvements.  In the near future, before the rainy season, we are planning to use funds from our Building Fund to replace the rock roof over the area behind the Temple sanctuary, which has had a number of leaks. The total cost of this project will be about $36,000.

The donation page of the Glendale Temple website has been updated to provide options for donating to either or both funds. Gifts to the “General Operating Fund” are particularly welcome right now, while the Temple is closed, to help defray our basic monthly expenses. To make a gift at this time, please visit the Glendale Temple donation page and choose from the options provided.

We thank you for all you do to support Paramahansa Yogananda’s work and the Glendale Temple during this uniquely challenging time—through your financial help, and also through your prayers and daily efforts to apply the SRF teachings in your lives. I remember a few years ago meeting a nurse in Encinitas who is not an SRF member. She told me, “I always enjoy it so much when I have patients who are members of SRF; they radiate such light.” Please know that through your sincere devoted efforts to seek God, you are indeed radiating God’s light and peace to the world and contributing to the spiritual vitality and power of our Guru’s work.

We pray that God may ever watch over, guide, and bless each of you.

In divine friendship,

Brother Bhumananda
SRF Glendale Temple

P.S. Here at Mother Center a large number of monks and nuns are diligently working on preparations for our first virtual Convocation. Many special events are planned, and there will be no charge to attend. The full program is on the SRF Website at, and we hope you all can participate. And please feel free to invite any friends or acquaintances who you feel might be interested in our Guru’s soul-liberating teachings. Paramahansaji often encouraged devotees to “Bring your friends.” We very much look forward to joining you all next month for this landmark Convocation, commemorating the 100th anniversary of Guruji’s worldwide work.

Photos of the Temple’s stone pine tree are shown below—with your help, the fallen limb was removed and the tree was pruned and thinned to strengthen its structure and prevent future breakages.





Here is a portion of the leaky rock roof that is scheduled for replacement.
A new roof will provide our building with protection against the rain for many years.



The part of the roof marked in red in the photo below shows the area
of roofing that will be removed and replaced.