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Posted by Heather Orozco on
Love, love, love this temple. =)
Posted by Loris Perusi on
Complimenti per il vostro bellissimo Tempio, grazie per le informazioni del vostro bel sito web.
Tanti cari auguri di un anno colmo di gioia e amore del nostro Maestro,

jai Guru

Loris/Centro SRF di Milano

ps: scusate ma non conosco l' inglese.
Posted by Stephanie on
What a wonderful new website! Chock-full of spiritual help and inspiration and really easy to navigate! Thank you so much!
Posted by Vaishali on
WOW...what a beautiful website!!!! Lovely!
Posted by Rajalakshmi Rao on
Jaiguru Dear Ones,
I have been receiving your Newsletter regularly with great joy and anticipation here in India.Atlast it seems that my dream of visiting and attending satsanga in this beautiful centre is going to materialize....Thanks to Divine Gurudeva and the inspiration I got from your wonderful website. I'll be in LA for 2 months on a vacation !Can't wait anymore :) .Will get in touch when I land there !!
Thank You so much..
Love to all :)
Posted by Annabella Cabral on
Beautiful temple and beautiful website! Very, very inspiring.

May the Guru's blessings be with you always.

Annabella Cabral
Santiago, Dominican Republic
Posted by Annabella Cabral on
I simply love your temple! And you have a very interesting and active website. Lots of inspiration!

Posted by Prakash K.S. on
I am Prakash, a 48-year-old male, from Chennai, India. I am a Kriyaban, initiated by Swami Suddhanandaji from YSS of India. I just chanced upon your website and enjoyed every moment navigating your website. May God and Guru always guide us. Jai Guru.
Posted by Maureen Williams on
I have been praying to find a church that I felt comfortable in. I have been a church hooper!! Last Sunday was my 1st time attending, along with my 4 year old son:) I enjoyed it very much. My son kept talking about the Sunday school. We will be back this upcoming Sunday.
Posted by shashikant on
I come to glendale temple on sundays (still not very regular) to refill sadbudhdhi (conscience), to instil a drop of divinity in my behavior (perhaps much less than a drop, otherwise I should be self realized by now:-)); overall a great place to be with good souls, to feel closer to divine and to hear reaffirming/consoling thoughts..

May God bless us all and give more strength and power to those who want to serve humanity selflessly.

isavasyam idam sarvam, yat kinca jagatyam jagat
tena tyaktena bhunjitha, ma grdhah kasya svid dhanam
Om Paratmane Namah
Posted by Ken Biggs on
Just found out about your Center in Glendale. I use to go there many years ago when it was the Church of Religious Science.
Posted by suki on
new inspirational articles...
so meaningful
and organized for simplicity

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